Welcome to IWantToCreateANewWorld

The world we live in is not a world I like. There is great inequality, poverty and corruption. The politicians do not represent me (they do not represent humanity) and the many systems are false. As a human being I'm not perfect, I don't have all the answers (that's one of the joys of living - to discover), but what I do know is that I'm not prepared to just sit and watch any longer, I want to help to create a new world. This space is for those of you who feel the same. Share your thoughts, ideas and creativity.

What does IWTCANW look like, how would I describe it? Well other than these first few words here on this page, it's yet to be fully realised, it's still really just an idea. If I had to describe it's qualities though, this is what I would suggest...

1. Democratic
2. Collaborative
3. Free exchange of ideas and views
4. Activist
5. Freedom of speech
6. Discussion
7. Sharing
8. Respectful
9. Creative
10. Idealistic
11. Spiritual
12. Manifesting
13. Focussed
14. Meditation
15. World Wide
16. Humour
17. Fun
18. Guiding
19. Teaching
20. Open minded
21. Start from a point of not knowing
22. Inquisitive
23. Questioning
24. Inquiring
25. Curiosity
26. Welcoming
27. Positive (non hating)
28. Beautiful
29. Nature
30. Discovery

That's a good starting point. I will be updating this page on a regular basis.

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