I want to create a new world...

I'm angry. This world feels alien to me. Maybe you, like me see that the world is a sick place.
If enough of us choose to see the truth, awaken... I believe we can make this world a better one.

I want you to find a quiet place. Quieten your mind, and listen... Look at the world around you.
The wars, the poverty, the political corruption, the suffering. The whole world is suffering.

Feel your heart, listen to it. Really listen.

I hope you will get angry. That you'll feel something that maybe you haven't felt before.
Maybe you will cry, maybe you'll feel a fleeting euphoria. "Connecting" like this, you'll notice something...

You will feel a gentle empowerment; a fatherly protecting love will come from within you.
Your heart will call to protect your loved ones, your fellow man, humanity.
Your life, the protection of it, will seem unimportant, because you now know the truth...
that you are infinite and there is nothing to fear. This is the real you, your higher self.

I want you to imagine a better world. Look for the beauty. Feel your heart, and imagine.
Picture it. How would it look, how would people treat each other, what would you
do with your life? Would there be adventures, who would you be, where would you go?

I want you to imagine this world. Feel it. Anticipate it.